Shibayama Mammoth Ivory necklace inlain ox horn spiders with sterling silver spacer beads and clasp .

This is made from 10,000 year old Mammoth Ivory this is termed as fossil Ivory although it is not fossilised.

The age of this is a minimum of 10,000 years old and comes from Yakutsh in Russia.

All my Ivory is sourced from legally and ethically bound companies and is certified in accordance to CITES, DEFRA and USFWS.

These take a very long time to make.

They have a total of 17 inlayed bead with three spiders per bead and also includes lampwork beads.

The best desription is to look at the photos.


Data sheet

Size (Width)
17mm beads
Size (Length)
495mm (19.5 inches)
Weight (grams)
Shibayama Mammoth Ivory, Buffalo Horn, Glass, Sterling Silver
Material Quality
AAA Grade Ivory and 925/1000 Sterling Silver